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Stigmitizataion in Healthcare

Queen's Health & Human Rights Conference 2023 Theme: Stigmatized Experiences in Healthcare. Feb 4, 2023. 
We have 3 key pillars in our conference: 
(1) How does stigma impact health outcomes, health care access, and health care quality? 
(2) How do we measure stigma? What are the most effective ways to collect data on stigmatized experiences in healthcare?
(3) How do we address stigma? What are the ways to move forward to eliminate stigmatized experiences in healthcare?

Anyone is welcome! Students, Family Physicians, Primary Care Practitioners, Specialists, Nurses, Mental Health Workers, Nurse Practitioners, Allied Health Workers, Policy & Public Health Specialists, Refugees, Researchers, Community Members and other Professionals interested in Stigmatization in Healthcare

The planning of this year's conference would not have been possible without the guidance of our faculty advisor Giselle Valarezo PhD. and  the Queen's Medicine Students who worked diligently to bring the amazing speakers for this important event.

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