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Dr. Stephanie Frisbee

Dr. Frisbee completed her BSc at the University of Guelph in Biomedical Sciences, followed by an MSc in Consumer Policy and Affairs with a focus on applied economics.  Dr. Frisbee completed an MA in Political Science (American Politics and Policy) and a PhD in Public Policy Analysis, with a specialization in Health Policy, from the West Virginia University.


Since 2016, Dr. Frisbee has been a faculty member in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, with a joint appointment in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.  She is deeply invested in educational program development and delivery, serving as a core member of the One Health program and as the creator of the new Clinical and Translational Sciences Graduate Program at Western. Dr. Frisbee’s research program, which has extensive participation with undergraduate trainees, focusses on the determinants of cardiovascular health and disease, working across the translational research spectrum with collaborators including basic, clinical, and population scientists on projects ranging from animal models of metabolic-induced cardiovascular disease and depression, cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention, stroke and dementia, assessments and quantitative evaluation of vascular function, cardiovascular health, cardio-oncology, and the social determinants of cardiovascular health and disease.


Dr. Anthony Train

Dr. Anthony Train MBChB MSc CCFP is an academic family physician based at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. An expert in quality improvement and a proponent of evidence-based medicine, Dr. Train's research focuses on the integration of healthcare and environmental sustainability, as well as the implementation of best practices in clinical settings.

With an academic family practice, Dr. Train is deeply involved in teaching and supervising family medicine residents, ensuring the next generation of healthcare professionals is well-versed in both traditional and innovative medical approaches. This commitment to education extends to Dr. Train's vision of establishing a 'future clinic', aimed at developing cutting-edge best practices for primary care in Canada. 

His current research program is particularly focused on developing solutions for harmful prescribing practices, examining their environmental impact and seeking innovative methods to minimize this footprint. This work is integral to his broader vision of establishing a 'future clinic', where the forefront of primary care best practices in Canada is crafted.

Dr. Jamaica Cass

Dr. Jamaica Cass is an Indigenous primary care physician on-reserve at Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory with an additional focused practice in Indigenous Obesity Medicine providing culturally safe, strengths-based metabolic health support.


Before pursuing medicine, Dr. Cass had an extensive research background and was recognized with several institutional, national and international awards, including the American Association for Cancer Research MICR Scholar-in-Training Award, the Terry Fox Foundation Transdisciplinary Award and the Robert Sutherland Fellowship.


She is currently the Program Director of Indigenous Health Enhanced Skills Program and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Queen’s University who precepts elective and core clerks and family medicine residents. At Queen’s University in her capacity as a PhD student and now professor, she has also engaged in mentorship and advocacy work for over 10 years, serving on the Indigenous Council of Queen's University and the Native Students' Association. In the new School of Medicine at Toronto Metropolitan University, Dr. Cass serves as the MD curriculum Course Lead for the Indigenous Communities and Health course and is Indigenous Health Lead and Special Advisor to the Dean on Indigenous Resurgence. 


Harlowe Green
Practical Alternatives for Food Security + Climate Resiliency

This workshop will delve into practical alternatives for individuals seeking to improve localized food systems security during unprecedented shifts in climate. Topics will include lawn alternatives, ecosystem regeneration, shifts in food sourcing and individual actions geared toward a more sustainable food system

About the Presenter: Ange Defosse is the creator of Harlowe Green, a refillery and sustainable lifestyle shop with the aim to decrease waste, provide options for businesses and individuals hoping to live a more conscious lifestyle, and to educate and guide others to a better future for the planet and its people. Ange has created presentations and/or sustainable policy work for Sustainable Kingston, local organizations and government organizations, the Queen's University Sustainability Conference and Project on International Development, as well as Queen's University's Experts on Sustainability Series. A graduate from the University of Guelph and Trent University, she is a passionate educator, entrepreneur and sustainability consultant for small businesses.

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